No Look Pass

Just some of my thoughts on the “no look” pass and why I think it’s a thing of beauty when I see it executed to perfection.

I see a high level of trust between teammates that’s most likely taken years to build. I see the subtle, nonverbal communication that takes place in an instance between teammates. I see the surgeon-like precision that it not only takes to place the ball away from defenders, but also to anticipate where your teammate is going and going to be. I see the awareness and poise from teammates that it takes to navigate the field, avoid obstacles and score, all while keeping their composure. I see the fellowship that is demonstrated between teammates in sticking to the plan and following through until the mission is complete.

You ever been on the receiving end or the one dishing out a “no look” pass (opportunity)? It’s a thing of beauty… Isn’t it!

I’m focusing and getting better at listening, understanding, and also building a high level of trust, so that my friends (teammates) entrust me with their dreams, goals, and visions. That way, when I come across an opportunity or one presents itself, that doesn’t quite fit into my dreams, goals, or visions, I can “dish out” a no look pass and watch as they make the most of the opportunity.

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