Today I turn 31. I was planning on writing something last year and titling it “30 for 30,” like the ESPN documentaries, but I flaked. Not this year! If I had to choose just one word to sum up this past year, it would be jam-packed (hyphenated words count as one, right?). Jam-packed full of life lessons. Jam-packed full of emotional rollercoasters and jam-packed full of uncertainty. Even with all of that, I still find myself filled with an abundance of gratitude.

Enough of my rambling. Here’s my list of 31 things that I’ve been grateful for during these past couple of years.

  1. Great health.
  2. Being able to learn from my brother Ike.
  3. Being able to mentor my brother Ike.
  4. My mom. Seriously, she’s like the closest thing to God.
  5. My ambitious heart. ❤️
  6. My brother Fred finally coming home.
  7. Getting all three credit scores above 720. 📈
  8. Starting a new relationship.
  9. Ending my relationship.
  10. Over 100K worth of credit to invest with.
  11. Traveling to Paris. 🇫🇷
  12. Traveling to Amsterdam.
  13. Traveling to Nigeria with my dad and my brothers. 🇳🇬
  14. Getting to meet all of my beautiful relatives in Nigeria for the first time.
  15. Getting fired “let go” from my job.‍
  16. Being able to feel certain feelings and emotions that were once foreign to me.
  17. Investing in my first property.🏡
  18. Starting my wholesaling business.
  19. Being in love.
  20. Experiencing heartbreak. 💔
  21. Gaining a better understanding of my dad after visiting where he grew up.
  22. Learning how to communicate more effectively.
  23. Old friends.
  24. New friends.
  25. My small, quaint, minimalist apartment.
  26. Becoming a more understanding individual.
  27. Books. 📚
  28. Experiencing my first threesome (not for the reasons you’re probably thinking).
  29. Opening myself up to new opportunities.
  30. Learning to let go and trust in God.
  31. Spending more and more time being excellent.

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